martes, 24 de febrero de 2009

77 Boa Drum


Sras & Sres!!!,... con uds, la versión OFICIAL del gran concierto:


On July 7, 2007, The Boredoms performed a once in a lifetime concert at Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Featuring 77 drummers, lead band member Yamataka Eye explained to reporters prior to the show how the number 7 historically is associated with the Milky Way and a romantic myth about how Japanese ancestors came from a river of stars in heaven. These ancestors called themselves messengers of the sun, or sun goddess Amaterasu, and so the number 7 is associated with the sun.

You are the 78th member! This is because the sound will spiral outwards, from left to right, like DNA, from deep inside of us right out to you. The 77 drum group is one giant instrument, one living creature. The 77 boa-drum will coil like a snake and transform to become a great dragon! - EYE, THE BOREDOMS

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icastico dijo...

Great stuff here.

The Thing That Should Not Be dijo...

Yes indeed! THANK YOU!!

Memo242 dijo...

Thanx !!! Is A True Treasure...